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ARTIFICIAL GRASS with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Artificial Grass

At Modern Driveways we have the necessary expertise to supply and install artificial grass to your garden areas. The preparation work necessary for installing artificial grass is very similar to the preparation work required for the installation of a new driveway, so it is a natural progression for our business to both supply and install the artificial grass. The two products complement each other perfectly.

Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular for obvious go maintenance free!! As the popularity of pattern imprinted concrete has grown, the same is now happening with artificial grass. The main advantages are the same, in that it will save our customers a lot of time and hard work in the mowing and maintaining of natural lawn areas and it could save them a lot of money in gardener’s fees. In these times where people have very little spare time, artificial grass is an ideal solution.

Imagine how much time you spend “mowing the lawn”, when you could be doing something more worthwhile, or simply doing something you truly enjoy. Until now most people “mow their lawns” at the weekends, usually on a Sunday! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relax or do something more enjoyable on your weekend? There are many suppliers of artificial grass across the UK but we have sourced our product from the longest established manufacturer and buy our grass from there. Because they have the most experience with this product, through trial and error over the years, they really do provide the best artificial grass in the business.

In fact, because we buy our product from the leading manufacturer, and have such faith in it, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our installations.


How many people employ a gardener? And how much would that cost you over the year? The average fortnightly charge from a gardener is around £18-00 and that is usually from the month of February through to the month of November, which is nine or ten months per year. Have you ever worked out the total annual cost? It works out at between £350 and £400 per year. A lot of people are using companies such as green thumb where you incur even more costs to keep your lawn looking good. Add that to the gardeners fees and you could be paying as much as £700 per year in total. Just to keep your lawn looking nice!! You could literally recover the initial outlay for your artificial grass after a few years. So it is cost effective too.

From then on you would be saving hundreds of pounds per annum. So a worthwhile investment don’t you think?!

And remember, your lawn would always look nice, without having to lift a finger!

artificial turf bury

Stage 1

The initial excavation requires a “dig out” of around 100mm. Where we have access we utilise an excavation machine as per the photo, but in areas where this is not possible, we will hand dig the area. All the debris is removed the same day either by skip or more often by grab wagon.

artificial grass bury

Stage 2

In order to fix the grass we either batten it out or fix to the ground with steel pegs. When we use battens the artificial grass is nailed to the wooden batten around the edges. When using steel fixing pins, they are simply nailed through the grass and securely into the sub base. These fixing methods are dependent on the individual project.

Stage 3

Here we use type one m.o.t. hard core, which is laid approximately 50mm deep, then whacked with a vibroplater to give a well compressed and solid base. This provides the best possible foundation on which eventually the artificial grass will be laid.

This hard-core will have been laid on top of a high quality weed free membrane to reduce any possibility of weeds coming through to the artificial grass surface. A 15mm to 30mm layer of grit sand is applied to the compressed hard-core base, screeded, and compacted, again with a vibroplater, to leave a firm and flat surface on which to fix the artificial grass.

Stage 4

The final process is to lay the artificial grass.

Firstly the turf is rolled out off the roll over the area to be laid, then cut to the correct dimensions. For particularly tricky jobs we employ the services of a professional carpet fitter to install the grass as the installation process is very similar to laying carpet. For joints we use jointing tape and grass bond which is a special adhesive manufactured specifically for this purpose. Please note that the newly laid grass needs time to “stand up” as it has been on the roll for some time which flattens the pile. A stiff brush can be used to speed up this process. We will carry out this brushing on completion but you may have to repeat this before the grass stands up fully.

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